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Liberate Hemp – Artist Design Brief

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Our mission: Empowering the UK to grow hemp without the need for a government licence.

The design will: Attract attention, inspire interest, inform the public of the campaign, be a call to action.

We are collating poster/sticker designs, but we would also love all forms of artistic freedom:

– T-shirt / Merch Designs
– Songs
– Poems
– Videos
– Stories
– Jingles

Design for sticker 10cmx8cm
Posters A4 or larger, up to 180x120cm

Format: high-res

To include:
‘Liberate Hemp’ and/or ‘Overgrow The Regime’ tag line graphics

How to encourage people to grow a plant?
How to attract the non-believers?
How can we divert away from the stigma?

Feeling words:
Organic & Natural

Why Hemp?
Hemp is a renewable and multi-faceted plant that does not require pesticides and enormous amounts of water. The list of things that hemp is able to offer humanity is never-ending. Some of the most important issues:

1. Chronic illnesses and deficiencies; Cannabinoid therapy

2. Depleting polluted soils; Mulching hemp can rebuild soils and when grown hemp is a bio-accumulator, removing toxins from soils.

3. Unstable economy; Hemp could be the green renewable economy

4. Subsidy reliant farmers; Offer farmers a reliable and generous source of income for what could be a huge green industry

5. Dependency on toxic plastics; Biodegradable Hemp Plastics

6. Unstable global supply chains; British/Local industry

7. Atmospheric carbon; Sequesters 5 x more carbon into the soil than same area of trees

8. Extraction; reliance on finite resources / Invasion of sovereign nations; Hemp offers renewable alternatives to lithium, carbon fibre, wood, metals, oil etc.

9. Malnutrition; Plant-based source of omegas, protein and fibre

10. Unsustainable fast fashion/ plastic based clothes; Hemp is a natural plant based fibre textile, which is very durable and more sustainable alternative to cotton and polymers

11. Toxic building practises; Hempcrete is a carbon-positive, vapour permeable, chemical free natural building material

Submit by the end of April to ensure your submission is considered for the campaign during the 2022 growing season, however we will always welcome submissions.