Grow Hemp


Soak your seeds overnight to begin the germination process, waking them up from winter sleep.

Fill a small (about 9cm) plant pot with compost and tap the pot down to get a good, even density for the roots to grow.

Stand pots in a tray of water (about 3cm) and leave to soak for about 30mins.  Plant seeds 1-2cm deep. Place the pots in a sunny, warm spot. Wait for the plant to emerge, this may take a week or more.

Put your finger into the edge of the pot every so often, about one knuckle deep. When the compost feels dry, water (ideally with rainwater). Take care not to over water your plants. The compost should be damp to the touch, not wet as the roots may rot.

When the plant is 10-20cm tall, and you see the first tips of white roots poking out the holes at the bottom, it is time to re-pot.

Fill a bigger pot with compost, tap down and water thoroughly.  The larger the roots can be, the more top growth you will get.

Make a hole the size of the small pot in the compost. Hold the plant upside down with two fingers either side of the main stem and pull the pot off to reveal the root ball and replant.

When watering, you can add organic liquid fertilizer to increase the vigour of your plants.

Remember to place in a sunny spot!


Fill a tray with compost, water thoroughly, so it drains out of the bottom and sow lots of seeds. Keep on a window sill indoors in a warm location. Keep the soil moist by spraying water.

Once germinated make sure they have sunlight, either in a glasshouse or outdoors, if it’s still below 10°C at night bring them indoors at night.

When you can see the first true leaves, prick out each seedling and transplant into pots. If there’s no risk of frosts you can harden them off by leaving them outdoors.
Space them at 20-100cm apart, the closer they are together the taller they’ll get, the more space they have the more flowers and seeds they’ll produce.


Check the weather before you start, ideally sown just before lots of rain, with plenty of sunshine to follow.

The soil needs to be above 15°C. Hoe off any weeds.

Prepare a fine seed-bed, in advance of sowing, using a rake or harrow. If possible, in a field, use a seed drill to sow seeds at 15kg/acre (seed) or 30kg/acre (fibre/biomass). Otherwise, score furrows 1-2cm deep, 10-15cm apart, sprinkle seed along them and then cover with soil using a rake. Or, scatter them evenly, at rate of about 3g/m2 and cover with a thin layer (1cm max) of compost.

Water if you can, or plant the day before it’s going to rain. The seed can sit in dry soil for a while before germination but it will not be long before birds and other wildlife discover and start eating the delicious hemp seeds.

It is currently illegal to grow this miraculous herb.

The mass civil disobedience of publicly planting hemp seeds, will overgrow the hemp licensing regime.  A prosecution to one is a prosecution to all.  We will support anyone who publically grows industrial hemp without a licence.

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Germination for the nation!