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Through the direct action of publicly planting hemp seeds, we will overgrow the hemp licencing regime through mass civil disobedience. A prosecution to one is a prosecution to all. We will support anyone charged with publicly growing industrial hemp.

The Law

Hemp is illegal under the Misuse Of Drugs Act 1971.

Only farmers, who have been blessed by the strict application process via the Home Office, can gain an industrial hemp licence. Farmers are limited to producing seed and fibre products. Missing out on the myriad of potential benefits this crop can offer.

However, there are special licences given to a few certain individuals for the cultivation of high strength cannabinoids such as CBD & THC production here in the British Isles. The majority of these products are unfortunately sold abroad and not to the public.

Individuals profit, whilst most are banned from accessing this powerful and natural medicinal herb.

It is illegal to grow hemp in your own homes, even though it is a common weed.

Hemp is a low THC species of Cannabis. Also known as Industrial Hemp.

UK Government – Industrial hemp licensing: factsheet


The more you are aware of the risks you take and the power you hold when you know your rights, the better prepared you will be when speaking and accessing this plant.

If you are collared by people in funny hats, it’s important to be aware of what the potential consequences might be.

Basic legal advice if you are apporached by the police

You only have to say…

“No Comment”

You only have to give your name, address, date of birth & nationality to the police if you are suspected of committing or witnessing a crime, or are driving a vehicle. Say “no comment” to all other police interactions, including with police liaison officers in light blue bibs & after arrest.

“Under What Power”

Ask police if you are legally required to do something they ask of you. Ask what power they are operating under.

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Our Guide to the Legality of Hemp

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